Bootiful ain't it!

Bootiful ain’t it!

Hi Efuryone, Hawwy here

Now it is quite simple for even de daftest hoomin to see dat dis blog is all about de joy of fox poo. Now us dogs like nuffin more dan a good roll in de sweet smellin stuff. Nots only does we roll in it but we push ourselves along de ground to make sure we has got jus enuff of de dlightful secent behinds our ears. After all, we not know what wuvly dog we gonna meet when we is out and about de town!

I has had de pleasure to have a roving wepawter today called Ruby Dooby know on Twitter as @RubytheCavalier

Ruby has been kind enuff to do a weport into her experiences wiv de wonderful natural pwaduct Fox Poo…..over to yoo Ruby…..

“Fank yoo Hawwy, I wuv fox poo becos de hoomans fink dat Cavaliers are posh cos we has King Charles in our names. Howefur, I likes to change de hoomans views! I say stuff de posh and roll in de poo! Tis smellin bootifuland weally attwacts de boys too! It means a whole lot to me rolling in de fox poo. I I coulds leave one legacy it woulds be to say YAP to fox poo and Pfft to baths. My hoomans hate it becos dey say it smells and its one of dose stinks yoo can’t gets out of stuff but we has to put up wiv der purfooms and stuff so I fink it is time fur dogs to bite back. Roll! Rool my furiends like your life depends on it! But wemember to worm wegularly.”

Ruby Dooby Rolled in fox Poopy!

Ruby Dooby Rolled in fox Poopy!

Thank yoo Ruby. Vewy insightful. So there yoo have it my fweinds. Roll fur your life in de bootiful fox poo but be warned de hoomans is fighting back. Der is a pwoduct out der dat hoomins is buying to rid us orf our bootiful foxy scent. It is called Fox Poo but I fink dat is to con us into finking it no shampoo. If yoo see dis bottle in yoo house wun de hoomins is gonna wash away your perfume! Fur yoo hoomin weaders yoo can get it fwom @animology or

Made by hoomins to spoil dogs fun!

Made by hoomins to spoil dogs fun!

That is all fur now folks. Wemember to roll particularly the neck area so dat de poo gets stuck in your collar too. I is orf to pwactice me carols fur de #crooningcaninegroups furst song of de season wiv @angelthefurball and @humfthecocker

Wuv yoo all

Hawwy xxxxx

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