Hi Efuryone Hawwy here

Yes I know he is a vet and yes I know he pwobably sticks thermometers places we wish he didn’t but listen he is a nice guy and has somefin impawtant to say. So relax, sit yooself down and read my intervoo wiv @Marcthevet oh by de way yoo may be itchy by de end…………….

marc the vet 2


Hey Marc good to woof wiv yoo at last. See yoo got me picfur dat pawsome. So if yoo weady let’s has a chat……….

How long has yoo been a vet and what made yoo choose dat career?

Very cliché. I always loved animals and had lots of pets growing up and all I wanted to do was help them. I knew from the age of three that this is what I wanted to do.

Ok me confoosed wot is Cliche? Is dat a food? Like Quiche? Nefur mind! So yoo are fronting the Merial ‘Be Tick Aware’ campaign. What is the campaign about?

The campaign is about wearing awareness of ticks and the diseases and dangers they pose, not just to pets but also to humans.  I am working with FRONTLINE Spot on for this campaign because I believe that ticks are a massive problem for pets and humans as they can be found everywhere.


Why was it impawtant fur yoo to take part in dis campaign?

It was important for me to take part in this campaign because I believe that ticks are a massive problem as they can be found in urban areas and the country side. Owners need to be able to identify them and know how to remove them. In terms of animal welfare, this is a great campaign.


I has had a tick befur which de boss removed. Boss kept de tick and gave it big gin swimming pool in case me got pawly. Is dat the right fing to do or is de boss mad? (I fink she mad)

It is a good idea to keep the tick in a secure environment, as it is easier to educate people if there is something to show them. In terms of the gin, I think it’s just a waste of gin!

Are der different types of ticks and are dey every where or just near sheeps?

There are a lot of different types of ticks, however sheep ticks are the most common, yes. However, this does not mean they are found only near sheep they can be found everywhere from urban areas to the country side.

loads of ticks

Does ticks dwink blood like de fleas and vampires? 

Yes, they do.

Can Ticks affect hoomins too? 

Yes, they can transfer dangerous diseases such as Lyme Disease which can be incredibly painful, and be life threatening if not treated properly.

What is de biggest anipal yoo has efur treated?

I guess a cow! They’re pretty big.


I liv in de countryside near sheeps and moo cows. Has yoo efur had to put yoo arm up a cows bottom cos my vet has? 

Yes, all vets have to do that at veterinary school!


What is yoo favourite anipal? (Peese say dogs peese peese peese)

I love dogs and cats equally!

DOH! I thought yoo wud say dogs.

What is de most unusual fing yoo has had to remove fwom a dog dat dey has swallowed?

I once removed a pair of knickers from a dog’s stomach, the only problem was that the knickers weren’t the girlfriends of the owner!

Ooooops! Fanks Marc I is vewy impwessed wiv yoo grasp of dog and I felt vewy relaxed in yoo company.

Right yoo lot ticks is bad got it so get yoo hoomins to sort out some prevetantive tweatment pwonto.

Fur now wuv yoo all.

Hawwy xxx


5 thoughts on “THE VET WILL SEE YOO NOW……..

  1. Oh wow, how educational (and slightly gross *thinking of an arm up a cow’s bum*) Thanks Harry & Dr Marc … gotta say, those ticks look pawful !!

  2. Once again anofer good intervoo Hawwy! Mum said “eeeww” when she saw da ticks! Day nasty!
    Marc da Vet seems like a weally good vet! Ma vet is weakly nice an I lubs him “scratches head” don’t know his name! Bol

    Also want to say fank yoo that
    we can sign up an get des intervoos fast! Xx

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