This little lady is no has been!

Hi Efuryone Hawwy here,

Being on Twitter means yoo meet all kinds of dogs and hoomins fwom all diffurent backgrounds. Some dogs have been in der furefur home fwom birth, some fwom a few weeks old and some dogs end up at der furefur home through abandonment and trauma.  I have the pleasure of knowin one spechul little lady called Bean O’Brien @beanobrien13 who is all de way fwom the United States of America! Bean and her mum has kindly offured to do an intervoo wiv me and here is de wesult of de intervoo we did earlier dis week.

1) Hi Bean fank yoo vewy much fur agweein to do an intervoo wiv me. How old   are yoo?

Nobody knows fur sure but I is a senior gal. I likes to remain a lady of mystery! Most vets guess a dogs age by its teeth but I don’t have any!

2) Where do yoo live   and who do yoo live with?

I live in NJ wiv my mom, 4 cat brothers (one is considered special, he has a neuro condition) 2 rat brothers, 4 mouse brothers and whatefur foster critter here here at de time!

3)   Yoo are a vewy speshul dog wiv speshul needs. What exactly are yoo   disabilities and do yoo need any speshul   treatments?

I have no teeth & no mandible (bottom jaw bone) its ok though, it just makes me look like I’m smiling all the time. I’m a little arthritic in my front legs & I’m starting to get cataracts. mom says I’m just perfect!  S

5)  Do yoo know who handed yoo in?

Not really. mom was told that I was picked up on the street by animal control. I went to the local pound for the required waiting period to see if anyone claimed me, then I went to Pets Alive. (thank goodness). I was a mess. Skin & bones and my hair was so matted that I could barely walk.




6)  Were yoo in a speshul rescue centre?

It is special because its no-kill and one of the only places in the area that has retired NYC carriage horses (those poor things). They have saved & found homes for farm animals that would have been otherwise destined to be slaughtered (cows, pigs, goats, horses, chickens, ducks, etc. they even had an emu!) they have placed paralyzed dogs, fiv + cats, semi-feral dogs, and blind or deaf dogs & cats.

7)  Did yoo efur give up hope of findin a home?

I try not to think that way. life can be so sad for homeless animals. There’s so many amazing pets in need of rescue. Some would have thought I’d be tough to adopt out due to my age & stuff, but thankfully some really nice people saw beyond that.

8)  What does it mean to yoo to have found yoo furefur home?

That I finally feel safe & loved and I never have to worry. I am actually quite spoiled.

9) Would yoo like to add anything?

Yes, thanks. I want to thank you for your interest in me. I want more people to adopt! adopt! adopt! no pet stores & puppy mills! and I wish more people
would view special-needs as just plain special. we arent broken. we just have more stories to tell. and I wish more people would consider adopting senior
pets. Puppies are wonderful & adorable, but just think- no housebreaking, chewing, training & you already know the personality!


1)  How did yoo furst hear about Bean?

I’ve been a volunteer at Pets Alive for a few years. I wasn’t ready to adopt a dog yet after my beloved Piglet had to be euthanized due to very aggressive cancer. When I would be ready- I had an idea in mind of what my next dog would be. I just love pitbulls! They are great dogs with a bad rap that need to be rescued. I was sure that someday id find one that suits my home (cat friendly). Well, I walked into the office at the shelter to drop off a donation of collars, and this tiny sad scrap of a dog came up to me & pawed at my leg. As soon as I looked down it was like I had been shot in the heart! I said to myself- she is sooo tiny! She sat down & when I sat down she crawled into my lap & the deal was done!

2)  Was it wuv at furst sight?

Beyond that- it was literally like I had been hit in the chest. I just knew that I had to take her home.

3) Would yoo like to see more awareness fur dogs wiv disabilities?

yes, yes, yes!

4)  What impact has having Bean in your life had?

I cant even describe it. she has blossomed into such a happy vibrant girl! When I took her home I wondered if I was getting into a hospice situation because of her age & how pitiful she looked. Don’t get me wrong- that wouldve been ok. If a sweet animal has to leave this place it should be in a warm bed with lots of love rather than in a shelter. Well, its been a little over a year, and she is thriving! I think she is gonna be around for a long time.

5)  Anyfing yoo like to add?
I started a facebook account thinking maybe 10 or 20 of my friends & other volunteers from the shelter would like to see pics of her. She now has almost 900 friends! Some have said she inspired them to adopt a senior or special needs pet as their next family member. She has over 700 Twitter followers. She is an advocate for adoption, love & kindness. She speaks out against hate & intolerance. She has made appearances in classrooms full of young kids. My boss is a vet & did a couple career day visits & we bring Bean along to promote humane education. I want to make her a cetrified therapy dog. She is also head of public relations & grief counselor at work. She loves to greet people & their pets & offer snuggles. I have literally seen people leave the exam room in tears after saying good-bye to their pet to smiles from cradling her in their arms. Bean just sits quietly & loves.

Some say that Bean is lucky to get adopted, I say no way- I’M the lucky one to have her in my life. I keep wondering- what did I do right in some former life to have an angel like her!

So there yoo have it. One little lady that is bwingin so much joy to peoples lives. I fink Bean and her mum say it all.

Wuv yoo

Hawwy xxxxxx

5 thoughts on “This little lady is no has been!

  1. Thank you, my precious wee Bean friend. I love you n I b hope to give you a cuddle one day <3 <3 <3 .

  2. Ooh how bootiful! Me sisfur was abandoned also’z & we’z so wuckyz to habz her join our fambily. Tanks for sharing Bean’z story! We’z hopez dis will inspire more hoominz to adoptz!

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