Two #askbella qweshuns answered


Ello I hope you all hafin a good weekend, we hafin strange weather and da intynet bein norty so I was layin here in me basket twiddling me paws then I remembered dat me fwend LadyMarian had sent in two qweshuns fru #askbella they was

1. Do you regret not being married or are you happy being a single dog?
2. What sort of cheese do you like in your sandwiches?
Well I fort long and hard about da answer to da first qweshun cos I am in a long term love triangle, not a lot of peeps know how complicated my love life can be at times espeshully wen I gets a lickle bit flirty *giggles* I can’t resist da boys there’s so many gawgus fluffy tails and cute ears but I haf been I relashunship fur long long long time wif my Kane *whispers* he’s my toyboy and he is vewy payshunt wif me gettin flirty flirty espeshully wif my speshul speshul fwend Mookie.
I’m a bit of a free spirit and I don’t fink I be vewy good as a wife I gets too easily distracted but I dus luv my Kane vewy much.
Da second qweshun much easier to answer fur me cheesey sanwishes I luvs medium cheddar but if it’s goin in cheesey scones mature cheddar and if it’s fur a snack it’s gotta be a baby bel I luvs them baby bels.
So fankyou ladymarian fur me #askbella qweshuns and fankyou vewy much fur me bootiful pink poppy bags I luvs em big hugs to you and Mr H and patch

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