Vet Joe Inglis givs me a gud ticking off

Hi Efuryone Wow what a summer it has been! As well as running around wiv Woofstock UK 2014 I has also been proud to support Frontline Spot On to raise awareness of the importance of treating us anipals regularly for ticks Joe Inglis who is a hoomin vet well he hoomin and he a vet not a vet fur hoomins……… yoo knows what me mean. Well anyways, he has also teamed up with Front Line Spot On to raise awareness of ticks and de impawtance of pwotection. I had de please of intervooing Mr Inglis earlier this month and put some probing questions to him.

Joe the Vet

Joe the Vet

Hi Joe fanks fur taken time to woof wiv me about ticks and fings of de creepy crawly variety. How long has yoo been a vet and what made yoo choose dat career?

I have been a vet for 18 years. I wanted to become a vet because of reading the James Herriot books when I was young.

Yoo were judging the The UK’s Most Dedicated Pet Owner competition. Why has yoo become involved?

Encouraging people to really look after their pets as well as they can is a great way of helping to improving pet health across the country so I was really enthusiastic about supporting this campaign which is all about celebrating the most dedicated pet owners.

Why was it impawtant fur yoo to spread de wurd about fleas and ticks?


Fleas and ticks cause a lot of problems for dogs and cats, ranging from skin irritations to really serious diseases which can be transmitted by ticks, so encouraging pet owners to take these parasites seriously is really important.

I has had a tick befur which de boss removed. Boss kept de tick and gave it big gin swimming pool incase me got pawly. Is dat the right fing to do or is de boss mad? (I fink she mad)

Sorry I don’t understand this question – but it sounds like the boss is mad to me.

Yeah yoo right she is mad! Are der different types of ticks and fleas and are dey every where or just near sheeps?

Fleas and ticks are very common and can be found all over the world. Fleas often breed in the house where is warm. Ticks are usually found in long grass in the summer.

Does ticks and fleas dwink blood like vampires? 



Yes both fleas and ticks drink blood!

Gross giv me a mouldy rabbit any day! Can Ticks and fleas affect hoomins too? 

Yes fleas and ticks can affect people and cause health problems although they are much less common than with pets.

What is de biggest anipal yoo has efur treated?

Probably a very big horse.

I liv in de countryside near sheeps and moo cows. Has yoo efur had to put yoo arm up a cows bottom cos my vet has? Mind yoo he has put sumfin up my bottom befur now and it was not pleasant at all!

Yes this is something large animal vets need to do – you do get used to it after a while!

What is yoo favourite anipal? (Peese say dogs peese peese peese)


Aroooooooooooooooooo right answer! What is de most unusual fing yoo has had to remove fwom a dog or other anipal dat dey has swallowed?

A large pair of the owner’s knickers!

Frontline Spot On

Frontline Spot On

Fanks Joe yoo is pawsome. Yoo can read more about Joe and what he gets up to here follow him on Twitter here @joethevet FRONTLINE® Spot On is  available loads of places including pharmacies, pets stores and online pharmacies as well as at de dreaded Vets.  For yoo nearest retailer get yoo hoomin to visit: If yoo hoomin wants advice on prescription-only veterinary medicines for tick and flea control, speak to your vet about the most suitable products. So der yoo has it pals stay safe keep flea and tick free cos dey nasty critters.

Wuv Harry @spanielharry xxxx

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