Wagg… not just somefin yoo do wiv yoo tail yoo know!



Hi efuryone Hawwy here

Now I comes acwoss all kinds of dogs on twitter fwom lay around hounds to workin dogs on farms or fur people wiv disabilities. Howefur I has stumbled acwoss a dog called Dalton @WaggFoods who has become a vewy good fweind of mine *puffs out chest in pride*. Now Dalton is de face, and I suspect de boss, of Wagg Dog Foods and he has bin kind enuff to take some time out of his busy day to let me intervoo him;

1) how old is yoo?
*impawtant ears* I is nearly two, I fink I may really enjoy being two as my mate Archie told me it is a very good age, as it means I is old enough to know what is the good trouble to be getting in to but young enough that my puppy eyes still work – I does ope my puppy eyes will always work when I as been elping! Would you believe that my elp is not always appreciated?! Like when I was retrieving the cable from under the desk – they still can’t figure out where I retrieved it from! 

2) what kind of dog is yoo?
I is a black, flat coat retriever and the boss (that’s my dad) says I as a very nice nature and small ears! I don’t know why small ears are impawtant, but e fought I should mention em so there you go – perhaps they is my bestest feature? Although I does quite like my tail too!!  

3) where does yoo live and wiv who?
I does live not very far from a place called Ripon, and work in a place just outside Dalton. It was named after me, although some silly people do fink that because the village was there first I was named after it – pfft what do they know!!
I does live wiv the boss, Mrs boss and my furless sisters, I also as a little bruva ernest who I is teaching all my learnings to, the same way my big bruva Monty taught me.



4) yoo is a workin dog but yoo work in an office! What do yoo do?

I is the face of Wagg foods (self-appointed obviously) and I is very busy talking to all my furiends on twitter and I also has my own blog which you should all subscribe to, we will wait for you to do it!! Pauses) I does ave a typist what I does spend all day bossing around advising of best working practises. When I is not doing this I do find time to keep the bosses feet warm, teach Ernest and ensure everyone in the office is walked on a daily basis!



5) does yoo enjoy it?
Yes, I is ther luckiest dog in the world and do agree wiv the saying – It’s a dogs life!
6) does yoo gets to sample de food?
The boss says I does all the time, but I does not get nearly enough!!! Although I is very lucky with the little bit I does get, when I get the chance I does try and give the food to other doggies to enjoy – I as my own pack oo carry out product reviews and other impawtant jobs for me, and I is at the moment trying to tell all my blogging pals about the treat offer which Alex (that’s the one oo as all the ideas) did come up with, when blogging anipals can review some of our treats for us.
I does ope one day I will be able to take over from my uncle Preston, TV celebrity dog and former director, as chief tasty in the business. *whispers behind paw* Uncle preston is now getting to retirement age.



7) are yoo de boss of anyone?
Everyone, although they does not realise this yet! The only people to properly recognise my greatness and leadershipness is little Ernest (which is manly cause he is little and if he does not listen to me I sit on him until the boss yells at me to get of!) and my proper brutha Pilot, he is from the same litter as me and now lives with my uncle and so I get to see him every day as e comes to work with my uncle at Wagg too. But e as to listen to me as I am a whole five minutes older than him!  

8) do yoo get a say in wot goes in de tweats?
Not as much as I should ave! Some of my pals on twitter ave been discussing Mammof flavoured treats but the boss as not looked into this as thoroughly as I would like – muttered something about them being exstinct, honestly any excuse!
However I does get to pass on any comments I is given to the board about all our products, not just the treats! Cause did you know we also look after small furies and as just started a cat food? (Although the boss wouldn’t let me try and of these products – sad not for me, and my puppy pleading eyes didn’t even get him to change his mind!)
9) anyfing yoo likes to ad?

I does fink I am very lucky, as I have a great life – being the face of Wagg means I ave made so many great furiends already and I know I will get to meet many more in the future. I also love coming into work every day with the boss. I would however ave one cheeky fing to ask all your followers, would you be willing to go and check out the website (this is not under my control, as I’m sure you can tell if it was there would be many more pictures of me) and then send your folks out to buy you a nice big bag of Wagg. Also I does  have a great life; I walk and run a lot and eat plenty. Perfect, if only every dog was as lucky as I is.

Sp der yoo has it a pawspective fwom an office dog! If yoo would like to know more about Dalton and his pwoducts visit www.waggfoods.com you will find his blog link der too.

As fur me I is workin on an intervoo wiv a cat next!

Wuv yoo all

Hawwy xxxx

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