Walk this way guest Blog by @angelthefurball

Hello pals, it’s me Angel hijacking Hawwys blog again.

So here I was lying on my sofa thinking about my next meal, I mean blog, and my thoughts once again turned to the humiliation we inflict on our hoomans.


Readers of me previous blog contribution will know this is a topic close to my heart so I thought I would share few things that has happened to my humum when she has had me and her previous doggies out for walks. So many examples spring to mind but a favourite is the time mum took my brofur Sam out for a walk only for him to slip his collar and take off like a greyhound. Mum hunted high and low for him and finally decided to head for home hoping he would be sitting at the front door, but she didn’t get that far before an elderly lady approached her asking if she had lost something, mum said yes and started explain Sam had slipped his collar and was on the run only for the lady to tell her Sam was at that very moment lying on her sofa refusing to budge. He had seen the open front door and invited himself in, Mum was so embarrassed but this wasn’t Sams only shot at freedom, when mum first adopted him he was 9 months old and hyper so she decided take him on a 5 mile run with her to use up some of his energy, but he had other plans and once again slipped his collar and ran into the local pub, unfortunately no one offered to buy him a drink.  As you can tell Sam was quite the character, he loved to stand on the chair to look out the window but on his walks he also loved to jump up and look in peoples windows, sadly he never revealed what he saw though. Pfft.


Another one of mums rascals was Rocky, a gentle giant of a dog who loved to run and play at the park, unfortunately he also liked to help himself to peoples clothing. Mum discovered this to her horror when on their first trip he helped himself to a sun bathers jacket and took off up a massive hill with it with mum giving chase puffing like a steam train.   Mum was just glad they was nowhere near the pond or the clothes wouldn’t just been a little wet from doggy drool as Rocky also liked to find the most disgusting water holes and plunge in. And of course he would treat mum to a shake down shower when he would jump out.


Talking of ponds brings this blog back to me and thoughts of the time I almost knocked mum in the pond at the park, I was so close I could almost taste success but just as I got ready to do my street scruff celebration dance she saved herself and my dream of watching her crawl out the pond like the creature from the black lagoon was over.


I will however keep trying as knocking hoomans over is my speciality. With my silly spine I does like to use the backs of peoples legs to stop myself when I runs, there isn’t a hooman in the family that I haven’t taken down, I calls it furball bowling but I can’t repeat what humum calls it or what she calls me.

So there you have a little taster of the walking disaster that is my humum, now I is hoping you will want share your hoomans humiliations with me for a follow up blog of Walking Disasters. Please email me your Twitter name and funny story to Angelthefurball@gmail.com

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