What a day!

Hi Pals Hawwy here

Wot a day I has had! I was lucky enuff to have cuddles wiv mum on de bed which is a rare treat. I fink she felt guilty cos she bin away all week. Howefur, @Madmaggiemoo my sisfur decided to get in on de act. She is not dainty and gentle fur such a small dog she is like a hippo walkin all over yoo. Not only dat she licks and licks and licks and mum shouts “no lickys” and dat makes Maggie lick even more! Den she won’t stay still she walks all ofur me and stands on me pee pee (ouch) and den sits on me head and pulls me ears. I can tell yoo der was no nice gentle snuggles dis mornin dat fur sure!

So up we gets and mum gets up lookin like some kind of swamp monster wiv her hair stickin up efurywhere. Now I knows my hair sticks up but at least I look cute wiv it. She looked about as cute as a Rhino about to charge BOL BOL BOL

I tweeted wiv me fweinds about lots of fings today includin de fact dat me new book has been ordered by three different stores in Dartmouth includin de Community Bookshop http://www.dartmouthcommunitybookshop.co.uk/ dey got pawtographed copies on order! .Dis is pawsome and I hopes dat it does sell well. Oh by de way when yoo buys it can yoo do a review on Amazon fing fur me so dat de good news spweads.

I saw some interwesting fings to day like dis

hairdresser fotoout&about

I then went fur walk wiv Maggie dow by de ponds. We was on our leads. Now dese are de ponds here


Now as yoo can see de one on de left is not pond lookin like de one on de right! der are three ponds. Well mum said to let me and Maggie off the lead much to our other hoomins dismay. Well wivin 30 seconds we heard a splosh as Maggie had run straight into de pond on de left finking it was grass. She swam to de bank and clambered out wiv me standin der woofin at her. When she gots out she was cofured in green slime BOL BOL BOL BOL she shook it orf and kept on runnin. Mum was laffin too! She won’t do dat agin in a hurry. Jus wish we ad de camera fing wiv us.

I has also bin pwactisin me pawtograph today

Pawtograph Pwactise

Mum finks best to get a special one designed though. What yoo fink?

Right I has rambled on enuff. If yoo like me blogs please do leave comments and stuff it would be pawsome if yoo did.


Hawwy xxxx

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  1. Love your Blogs Harry. Bet Maggie was a right sight. Keep up the good work, and, I hopes the book sells millions……Lots Of Love to You, Maggie and the Grown Ups……

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