What does Twitter mean to you?

Hi Efuryone its me Harry,

At the beginning of September I posed a question to you all. Some of you took up the challenge and entered my competition. The question was simply, what does Twitter mean to yoo. Now yoo did not have to write an essay, yoo did not have to make it complicated all yoo had to do was pay a £1 to charity and write what yoo felt. Many of yoo did and fank yoo fur dat. De winners has been announced


and here are de winning answers………

1st place

What twitter means to Kevin the Whippet @kevinthewhippet

“Twitter means we is nevfur alone unless we wants to be. If we can’t sleep, like when me lickle nephew Wayne wos ill, we just has to tweet an no matter wot time it is someone will answer. If we is sad or lonely, we shouts out an someone gives us a hug. If anipals is hurt an need fixin den we twys to waise money to get dem da help dey needs, an if dey is lost or unwanted den twitter pals will twy to help dem find a new home where dey will be luved. If we is doin a challenge den our twitter pals supports us an when we celebwatin evfuryone joins in an makes it into a real pawty. In real life, before twitter, it used to be me, me lickle nephew Wayne, mum and dad, an da kitties (we is lucky cos we is a family). Mum isn’t always here but when she goes away there is a place inside me where I keeps her safe an close so I not feel alone. When we goes on da doggy activity holidays da kitties is not there but we carries em wiv us inside our hearts. So, when u got fwends an family, u is nevfur “I”, u is “we”. But, when u joins twitter u finds out dat da “we” isn’t “wee” anymore, its massive, an dat is a luvly feelin. In real life I has a few pals wot I goes on walks wiv but on twitter I has thousands! When mum comes home at nite an all da anipals gweats us it like we falls ovfur in a big happy chattery heap!

But, most of all, twitter gived me an mum da chance to start ovfur again. To use an example u mite wecognise, some doggies, like me, can be a bit funny wiv ovfur doggies. It’s pwobly cos I got attacked a few times when I wos lickle an I got fwightened. Dat means dat I appwoaches doggies wiv a bit of distwust an dat makes dem unsure an we sometimes goes grr. Den mum gets scared an starts avoidin em an dat makes me an mum sad an a bit lonely. Or, some anipals or hoomins is shy, like me lickle nephew Wayne. When visitors comes Wayne goes in da ovfur room an mum says to em, “play wiv Kevs cos Wayne is nervous of new people”, an dat makes Wayne sad. He don’t like to be fussed a lot but he dus like to be played wiv sometimes. So, in real life, we is expected to be a certain way an we learns to fit into da expectashuns an it makes us wot we is on da outside – but on da inside we is ushally a bit differwent. Wiv twitter, u starts afwesh an grows into da anipal or hoomin u weally wants to be. Wayne can wave his paws an wag his tail at anipals on twitter an dey talks to him an he can be soshable. When mum wurked wiv da vet she had to be stwong an hide her feelins or she wud be useless to da sick anipals. People expected her to be dat way so she got used to bein hard on da outside. Now she leakin all ovfur da place when me pals is happy or sad – I finks dat if it’s in there it best come out, as long as she not leakin on me ipad J.

So, it is twue dat some anipals bwings da nasty hoomin habits wiv em to twitter an acts like wot has bin weferred to as ‘numpties’ but most of me pals is luvly. Twitter dusn’t expect anyfin of us so it fwees us to be wot we really are. Twitter has convinced me an mum dat inside, most anipals (an hoomins) is gud, weal life just gets in da way sometimes. An dat’s wot twitter weally means to me.”


2nd place
What Twitter Means to Me by @spillersfarm
“It means:
I can help to free a tiger trapped at a truckstop.
I can help to free a lonely elephant.
I can gaze at the moon and be aware of the Moonbears.
I can see a pup born with deformed hips be transformed and be part of that transformation.
I can play my part in helping Alfie and Lennox get their wishes to become law.
I can watch DDA Watch win cases and get much-loved dogs back to their owners.

What does Twitter mean to me?  It means I can.”

3rd place
What Twitter means to me by @nerodogster
“I been thinking quite a lot about you compawtishun and what twitter means to me. The furst thing is that I has made some really lufferly furiends on twitter, we chat about what goes on in our lives and about our hoomans too. We haff lots of laughs and I quite often BOL. I haff learned all sorts of things about my new furiends, such as you liking tennis balls so much and you can get two in your mouth at once, and that my humun fort dat I was a big dog til I told her dat Nemo Newfoundland weighs 11 stone and I only weigh 6 and a haff (but pweese don’t tell anyone cos I know dats wude to talk about weight). I haff made friends with ofur dogs like me who like to swim and I have seen their videos and my humum has put up videos of me too and I joined the #sooperswimmersclub. I haff even got some furiends who liff in other countries too and I gets to hear about what they get up too and wot their weather is like. I haff made furiends with ofur sossige and bacon luffers and I can check dat I am getting enough treats because I can compaw with ofurs. We all suppawt each ofur on twitter and wifout it I wud nefur haff got to hear about Toby who needs new hips, we have sent him some pawcket money to help wiff dat just like lots and lots of ofur friends and paws crossed soon he be able to do zoomies which is pawsome. 
I fink wifout twitter it would be a little bit sad and quiet – I luffs to hear all about my furiends and catch up wiv them. Efury now and again we see sad fings on twitter but mostly it’s all good and pawsitive. And through twitter my humum found you Hawwy and she really luffs you book and she read it twice now. She asked me to ask you to please paw the next one quickly.”
 So der yoo has it pals. Three worthy winners. I am just in process of looking into to getting all the entries put in a book to raise more money for charity so watch this space. Fank yoo all who entered yoo are all winners and helped rais £65.00 fur @JemimasPlace
Lots of wuv
Harry x 






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  1. All completely deserved winners, well done all and well done Harry for such a great competition too

  2. These were simply amazing Harry. What a wonderful thing u initiated. Thank u so much

  3. As predicted, I am snivelling…. all such worthy winners! God bless you all xx

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