When Harry Met Debbie

Hi Efuryone

Its me Harry. Well Christmas is nearly upon us and the race is on fur de number one slot! Well dis brings me on to a pawsome lady me met recently and her single, which is out today, which has loads of celebs in it and is about animals for animals! I is woofing about de one and only Debbie Curtis of the Debbie Curtis Radio Big Band! I caught up wiv Debbie to find out about the single and a bit more……………….

Talk to the animals

Cover of single. Lots of animals there even a crab oh and a rhino!

Hi Debbie fanks fur takin de time out of yoo busy schedule to woof wiv me about yoo new single. I pre-ordered mine ages ago and was so excited to hear it fwom beginning to end today now it has been released (8 December 2013)

Yoo welcome Harry and thank yooooouuuu!

photo 2

Now yoo is a big band conductor what does dat mean?

I wave my arms around!!! …seriously I  direct the band as where and when to come in and how fast or slow we play a song.

Debbie waving her arms around in front of the Debbie Curtis Radio Big Band

Debbie waving her arms around in front of the Debbie Curtis Radio Big Band

Wot is yoo band made up of and how longs yoo been goin?

The band is a 17 piece band it was started in 1972 by my dad and was called The Eddie Curtis Radio Big Band – I took it over in 1994 after my dad passed away – and now go under The Debbie Curtis Radio Big Band www.debbiecurtis.co.uk  – it is however the very best job ever.

Now, yoo has released a single today called Big Band Aid wiv de pawsome tune Talk to the Animals. I has listened to it 23.5 times today de 24th time was interrupted due to walkies. Wot inspired yoo to do this pawsome fing fur charity?

I love animals and think many people are not aware of the cruelty that goes on worldwide and many that are still continue to  turn the proverbial blind eye –  I hope by putting a track together like this which  is fun and has a lot of star names on will raise a wider awareness and in turn create positive change – as well as all monies from the track go towards helping animal welfare.

Now, der lots of celebrities, excluding me, on de track. How did yoo convince dem all to take part and is it twue some of dem need at least 4 takes to do de song?

Band Aid

I recorded everyone on the track separately and they sang it through at least three times each , then I edited in their best lines – the basic thing everyone on the track has in common is the love of animals – so everyone was keen to take part to help in promoting animal welfare – we had a great time recording it and I met some fantastic people – Jerome Flynn has also released it with him solo on a ltd edition run of CD’s available on a raffle on his website www.jeromeflynn.com/

How long has de pwoject been in de making?

I started it last December ( the 8th to be exact ) sooo yes ummm rather a long stint – I hope people like it and buy it!! eeek I travelled all over the country to record everyone.

How long did it takes to organise and finally record?

I finished the recordings of all the artists on board by the end of July, then it took three months to edit everyone in and mix them all together!!!!!

We then sorted the videos of animals to be put together, luckily I had some very helpful friends in Pinewood!

Is dis de furst of many fings yoo gonna do fur charity?

I will see how it goes!!  would like to ….it has been a 24/7 job to do it – but I will …no matter what continue to do as much as I can for animal welfare .

Is der room in de next fing fur a pawsome dog? By pawsome dog me mean me of course BOL BOL BOL.

Baton at de ready to conduct

Baton at de ready to conduct

Always – goes without saying .. t’would be pawsome  xx a Sonny and cher type duet ???? x

So what is de charity dat de single is for and how can people get der paws, hands, claws, feathers, fins and scales on it?

The Charity is VIVA ( Vegetrians International Voice for Animals ) it is available now from the following  Amazon http://tinyurl.com/p8sn9pu iTunes http://tinyurl.com/oa2lrxw

Also at  www.debbiecurtis.co.uk   and the VIVA site http://www.viva.org.uk/

Is der anyfing at all dat yoo would likes to add?

Thank you woof xxx sooo much and have a great Christmas everyone and please support our animal friends xxxxxx hugs to all.

Debbie singing


Fanks Debbie yoo weally does rock! So der yoo has it pals go and buy dis pawsome singel help raise money for animals and maybe just maybe if we shout loud enough we can has a song about animals for animals as Christmas number one!


Harry xxxxxx


3 thoughts on “When Harry Met Debbie

  1. Well done Debbie on your tireless work. Loving the single – download it today people and raise vital funds for this worthy cause!

  2. I read this out Loud to my dog Rocky and every time Harry spoke He wagged his tail.So he must have known the Lingo! Debbie has worked 24/7 to let Animals Voice be Heard and has produced a Great Catchy Song. A Token of Love to help Care for Her Beloved Animals. Viva does a Good job To show What realy does Happen to our Creatures on Earth.

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