Why do Hoomins dwess us up!

Hello Efuryone Hawwy here,

Well I was talkin to me pal Humf today as lots of peeples (mainly hoomins) were commentin on how cute he looks in his new pwofile picfur! I has to say he is not impwessed as you can see by his face! Si I showed him a picfur of what me hoomins made me wear a while back and it made him roll awound de floor barkin! So I started to fink why does de hoomins insist on dwessin us up in clotehs after all we is not hoomin we is dogs and has a coat on permanently as it is!

I has seen dogs in skirts, dogs in kilts, dogs in leather jackets and even a dog dwessed up as a hotdog! Dis weally has to stop it is embawassin. So does your hoomin dwess you up at all. I would like to hear fwom you if they does. In the meantime I has put a list below of some of de most appalling acts of fashion crime against dogs I could find.

Wuv you all

Hawwy xxxxx






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