Will yoo be crowned a winner!

Hi Efuryone it me Hawwy

Well has I got some pawsome news fur yoo! Wemember I did de intervoo wiv dat nice vet de ofur week. Yoo know de one wiv dese in it

loads of ticks


Sowwy ’bout dat BOL BOL. Well anyway we did de pawsome intervoo on ticks and how yuk yuk yuk dey is. Wemember me showed yoo dis



I know I know but I twyin to get all de yukky fings we no like outta da way furst befur I tell yoo me pawsome news. Well not long after me blog went out wiv de above fings we no weally like, though Frontline is vewy gud fur gettin rid of crawlies, I was made aware of a sooper dooper competishun on www.hugyourpet.co.uk

Frontline Spot on has launched a Nationwide “Pets will be pets” @petswillbepets Campaign to help raise awareness of fleas …..


But hold yoo woof a minute pals……… not only is dey doin it to raise awareness of fleas but also dey running a competishun to crown someone the “Pet of all Pets” this coveted title is accompanied by de most sooper pwizes too. Yoo could win £1000, a luxury pet hamper and a whole years supply of Frontline spot On! Five runners up will also receive a years supply of Frontline Spot On too!

“So” I hear yoo woof and meow “how does I gets me paws on dese goodies wot me gotta do Harry?” Well the answer is simple my fwends yoo not need to pwove yoo has flease fur a start…….


So wot yoo has to do is furst head on ofur to www.hugyourpet.co.uk and den click on de enter competition button to be in wiv yoo chance to win. Simply upload and share images and videos of yooself or get yoo hoomin to do it and voila yoo could win! So cat or dog do it and yoo could be crowned the Pet of all Pets!

Oh and don’t furget to follow @petswillbepets too! In meantime get yoo hoomin to make sure yoo flea treatment is up to date so yoo don’t have to resort to dis……



or dis……..



Enjoy de summer pals protected from fleas and ticks.


Hawwy xxxx

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