Wiv a ticking off you could be a winner!

Hi Pals Its me Harry

Yap me back in the pawthor seat taking a break from Woofstock UK to help promote my pals Frontline Spot On who have come up with THE most pawsome of pawsome competitions to find the UK’s most dedicated pet owner. Yes I know pals the hoomins does not really own us but hey ho let them think this for a while as you could win a hamper of goodies! So read on and find out how you could be a winner and how to beat those nasty horrid tick and flea fings too……….


Dog with fleas on head.


Bowl of Ticks

Bowl of Ticks

Sowwy ’bout dat BOL BOL. Well last year we did a pawsome intervoo on ticks and fleas and ofur creepy horrid fings dat cos us pwoblems and how yuk yuk yuk dey is. Wemember me showed yoo dis


I know I know but I twyin to get all de yukky fings we no like outta da way furst befur I tell yoo more about de competition.

Ticks and fleas is a massive problem fur us pets and humans as they can be found everywhere. There are a lot of different types of ticks, but did yoo knows dat sheep ticks are the most common. However, this does not mean they are found only near sheep they can be found everywhere from urban areas to the country side. If dat was not bad enuff, dis is de peak flea season too. Those pesky critters nip and bite and do all sorts horrid fings to us animals.

Now luckily de pawsome Frontline Spot On  peeps has monthly treatments to sort out all these pwoblems. On top of dat dey has launched a massive competition. Frontline Spot On are trying to find the UK’s most dedicated pet owner. Now as if yoo hoomin bein crowned dis was not enuff fur der hoomin ego yoo will also win a sparkling trophy, a UK-based Staycation fur de whole family and yoo yes yoo de animal who endures all dese nasties will win a pet hamper full of goodies! Five runners up will also win a hamper and a photo shoot fur yoo and dem.

SO HOW DO I ENTER I hear yoo cry. Well it is simple just follow the steps below and yoo is on yoo way to victory…

To be crowned the UK’s Most Dedicated Pet Owner, simply follow these steps:

  1. Like FRONTLINE’s new facebook page: www.facebook.com/FrontlineSpotOn
  2. Upload a special photo of you and your hoomin that shows just how much dey wuv yoo, along with a short description on why you deserve to win this coveted title
  3. Share your entries with your friends and family and encourage them to enter too!

Entries gonna be judged by a panel of hoomins who is vet experts includin celebrity vet Joe Inglis.

So get to it my fwends. De competition closes 10th Spetmebr 2014 so not long to go. Also why yoo is about it get yoo hoomins to sort out yoo flea and tick treatment to avoid this happenin!

Me Sir Harry in de shower pffffft

Enjoy de summer pals protected from fleas and ticks.


Hawwy xxxx

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