woof woof bella & hawwy here, we woofin about our favouritist beds woofbeds wif auntie ninna


Harry asleep upside down on woofbed

*stamps paws* hawwyyyyyycome on I go wifout you

harry; no bells we skyping it so we not gotta get off our comfy woofbeds

bella ; now you tell me *gets back into bed*


Bella in bed

Hi Bella & Harry :o) Thank yous both fur taking the time out of yous busy day to interview me !! (blows Kisses to  Bella & Harry )


Harry and Jerry asleep on Woof bed


Jake and Jerry asleep on Woof bed


What made you start woofbed: Awww it’s all down to Beautiful Freddy our old Collie (OTRB now) He’s the inspiration behind Woof~Beds.

Freddy had been very unwell & needed to be kept quiet to recover, but most importantly he needed a good comfy bed to make a full recovery…..that’s where my problems began. Finding a good quality bed that didn’t cost the Earth!

After much searching of the internet & becoming disheartened by the limited choice, I thought I’d make him one myself….well, before I knew it, Freddy was back with the Girls (Pickle & Whizzy). Next problem was the Girls kept stealing Freddys bed !!! Arrrrgggghhh so I had to make more….then friends dogs would visit & they all loved the beds…..so I had to make even more !! All these dogs were telling me something….They all loved the comfort of Memory Foam & I felt compelled to give all our Beautiful Furry Friends the Bed of their Dreams :o)


Image of dog sleeping and pressure points


Image of dog sleeping on Woof Bed with no pressure points

How long you been making them: After searching long and hard for the right suppliers of Memory Foam, Fabrics & consulting with vets….Woof~Bed went ‘Live’ on the web August 2012 !  So nearly 3 yrs :o)


Are you gonna come on faceybuk: Oooo do yous think I can manage Facebook & Twitter ?!!

Dus you still do pink: Yes, Bella I can still do pink (Don’t worry) There are many colours I can do now, here are some that I can do for peeps on special orders


 What’s the biggest & smallest bed you evfur made: Hahahaha Oh sweet Bella your Special ‘Window seat bed’ I made for yous is probably the biggest I’ve made….Oh and a HUGE one for Ama! Smallest bed I made was for a cat…..Yes I know… a cat on a Woof~Bed ! I guess Cats want to be more Dog so they can have comfy beds too !!


Ramses and Ama on massive Woof Bed

 wow dat must be massif to get Ramses & Ama on it at same time, we keep hafin problems wif mum n dad fallin asleep on our window seat

How many colours dus it come in: The main colours that are always in stock are: Chocolate Brown, Bottle Green, Wine Red & Navy Blue. Plus I do all the other colours by special order :o) Dog Beds Woof Bed

 harry starts muttering me balls me balls where haf me balls gone in his sleep

scuse me auntie ninna  HAWWWWWWWYYYYYYY WAKE UP

Have you met theo pafetus: I haven’t met Theo yet, but he does hold an #SBS Event for us winners every year, when we get to meet him & have our picfur taken with him….I hope to be able to make the next one !

Can we see your sbs award: Here’s my #SBS Badge: (attached to peemail) and I will receive my certificate from Theo personally when I meet him at the next #SBS Event YAY !!

WoofBed SBS Badge

*Whispers* He does have a Woof~Bed for his Lovely dog Gladys :o)

Will you be sellin woofbeds at woofstockuk: Yes! It’s going to be Grrreat to meet all you Lovely pups in the Fur again…I can’t wait :o)

Bella on Blue Woo fbed

Bella on Blue Woofbed

Dus da horses like watchin da humans at woofstockuk: Awww Yes they love watching the humans & doggies….Chewy & Harry seem to have a ‘Special’ relationship & I think Harry was the one who got Chewy & Drum to agree to having Woofstockuk in their field BOL

Dus you do made to measure orders: Yes poppet I do….I love making the special orders, I can make any size/shape peeps want :o)


Bella on her bespoke Woofbed

Dus you sleep on a woofbed?: Hahahaha Yes I kind of do….I have a Memory Foam bed too!

 Bella drops off to sleep on her woofbed and harry wakes up , bells why it gone quiet

cos tis dun hawwy you slept fru it

well dats cos auntie ninnas bed da best I evfur slept on we all shares it

auntie ninna shouts     oh poppets can I please just add :o)

 *** Peeps get Free Next day delivery on all UK bed order & Get a Free Knot Toy with every bed***

It’s never too late to give our dogs the best dog bed ever….Yes our dogs can sleep anywhere….but would we really want them to sleep on a bed that can cause them pain & long term damage?

Wow wot a pawsome intervoo fanks Auntie Ninna. Don’t furget yoo can order yoor Woofbed here www.woofbed.co.uk they is pawsome. Yoo can also follow Woofbed here @Woofbed

Wuv Bella and Harry xxx



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